About NWF

National Women’s Front is a movement which was founded for the objective of empowering the women. After six decades of Independence it seems unusual that we still talk about empowering women. But it is undeniable fact that in the world’s largest democracy the women are still a marginalized and oppressed section.

The neo-liberal developmental model implemented for the country has resulted in more exploitation of women. The majority of women in India belong to the dalits, tribals, minorities and rural population. These sections were entirely ignored by all the successive governments and the women in these communities suffered the most due to this deprivation of rights. On the other hand women were also the prime target of the fascist onslaught. It is evident that in most of the riots that took place in India women were specifically targeted ad attacked. The country has also seen a steep rise in atrocities on even educated women in the cities.

National Women’s Front was launched in 2009 as a federation of women’s organization from Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Since then we were able to spread the organization in others states and today we have state units in Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Goa and New Delhi. NWF strives to create a platform for women through which women can stand up against injustice and fight for their rights. It is also an effort to form broadbase alliances between various women rights groups and activists which will help in forming a united front of all sections to protect the rights and dignity of women in India.