Awakening Conference Publicity Inauguration Programme at Kerala

Sun, 2014-10-26 16:06 -- webadmin

Kerala state publicity inaugural program of Awakening conference was done in aluva priyadarshini town hall.

National general secretary Fareeda Hassan in her inaugural address said that only when a women is empowered a family, a society, a nation empowers. National Women’s Front is trying to bring up women in a way that they stand any circumstance both physically and mentally.

AS Zainaba national committee member delivered theme paper and presidential speech was given by state press PK Ramla on the occasion. State general secretary Shahina and guests Ernakulum district panchayat member Sajida Siddik, MES college professor Kadeeja Edathala, panchayat member Suleka and journalist Shabana Ziyad spoke on the occasion.