National Women’s Front:”Secure Women, Secure Nation”

Tue, 2014-04-01 13:08 -- webadmin

New Delhi 09-Mar (RINA): On the 100th International Women’s Day today 8th March 2013 National Women’s Front(NWF) organized a Campaign for women’s vigil with the theme of “Secure Women, Secure Nation” at the India Gate in New Delhi.
NWF activists distributed pamphlets to the visitors at India Gate to create awareness among the masses

Security for women has always been a great challenge for all the societies around the world. In India more recently we see the issue of women security to be the most discussed issue. Many incidents of atrocities against women which used to go unheard are not appearing before the country. Today on 8th March when the world is celebrating the International Women’s Day we should come forward and look into this serious issue of security.

One of the most serious problems for women are the ever increasing rapes in the country. Rapes are not a new phenomenon in this country. The country has witnessed many incidents after partition where women were subjected to this inhumane crime. According to few studies India is ranked 2nd in the world for the most number of rape cases. The fact should be considered that even today a very less percentage of rape incidents get registered. During the 2002 Gujarat Genocide women from minority population were specifically targeted though these cases are not mentioned by anyone during recent debate regarding rapes. In India a rape is happening every 54 minutes. The rate at which the culprits are punished shows a very sorry state. There are even other issues like dowry death, domestic violence, communal violence which pose a serious threat to the security of women.

National Women’s Front has been striving since last few years for the empowerment of women. NWF is conducting a nationwide campaign “Secure Women, Secure Nation” on 8th March- the International Women’s Day – to demand justice for the victims of all the atrocities and also make the country aware of its responsibility to deal this issue. We strongly believe that women should move a step ahead from asking others to protect them to empowering themselves to protect them. Protection is a something that can be done from outside but security is an internal phenomenon. Only the total empowerment of women can create an atmosphere of security in the country.

NWF invited all to be a part of this struggle for Justice and Security to fight together to make this country a secured place for women and everyone