National Women's Front condemns arrest of Medha Patkar

Tue, 2015-09-29 15:57 -- webadmin

New Delhi: National Women's Front condemned the arrest of social activist Medha Patkar and some of her associates by Uttar Pradesh police. According to police Medha was arrested because she tried to enter a sensitive area without prior permission.
In a statement released today the president of National Women's Front said that as a social activist Medha Patkar tried to visit a village where people were protesting against forceful acquisition of farmland by the government from farmers for industrial purpose. UP government stand that people should have prior permission from authorities to protest while their land being unfairly acquired by force is both absurd and undemocratic. The forceful acquisition of farmland and violent suppression of protesters in Kachri village by Uttar Pradesh government is highly objectionable. Shahida Aslam appealed to the democratic society to raise their voice against oppression and the arrest social activists working for the rights of people. She called upon the UP government to immediately withdraw from their move to capture farmland for thermal power plant and revoke all the cases charged against Medha Patkar and he associates.