No Quranic basis for denial of rights: National Women’s Front

Fri, 2016-10-28 19:22 -- webadmin

Calicut: In a statement released by the National Women’s Front said that the kind of arbitrary and unilateral divorce that is seen today among some sections of Muslims does not have any basis in the Quran or other Islamic scriptures, and that if there is anything that violates human rights in the Muslim Personal Law, it is the duty of the Muslim community to correct it. However, it is strange that
triple talaq has become a part of all the discussions regarding Uniform Civil Code now raging in the country. While the connection between the two is irrelevant, the discussions under the guise of triple talaq are intended to undermine the Muslim Personal Law. While according to a Supreme Court verdict in 2013, a divorce becomes invalid if it can be proved in court to be against Sharia, the intention of those who demand the ban on triple talaq is suspicious. Scholars have to come forward to present before the world the comprehensiveness and universality of Muslim personal laws through dialogues and discussions.
Uniform Civil Code is not an exclusive Muslim issue. In a country where there are people with diverse cultures and religions and where the Constitution guarantees all people their fundamental right to live according to their belief systems, a unified civil code satisfying to all people is both impractical and impossible. At the same time, it appears that the Law Commission is trying to present the triple talaq as the single most important problem faced by the Muslim Community in the country. NWF supports the Muslim Personal Law Board decision to boycott the public opinion survey sponsored by the Law Commission and express its solidarity with the Board in the issue. We also request all sections of people and organization not to be swayed by this vote bank politics being played by BJP.