NWF – Goa resolves to strive for women representation

Wed, 2014-05-07 22:19 -- webadmin

On 8th March 2014 National Woman's Front celebrated International Women's Day at Ravindra Bhavan Margao the programme started at 3:30 pm, The gathering was welcomed by NWF Goa President Mrs. Anisa Mushtaq. The Chief Guest for the function was Mrs. Famida Sayed who is the Head of Aakash Institute, an institute for remedial teaching. She has been a part of SANGATH NGO where in she has worked as a clinical psychologist.

The key note speaker for the day was Miss Farheen Shaikh who delivered a speech on the importance of Women Representation in various fields, she also highlighted on the statistical details of Women Representation in different fields. Mrs Famida Sayed gave a very enlightening speech on importance of self respect and self esteem for a women in her personal life, she also highlighted certain psychological issues relating women. 

The organisation felicitated two dignified personalities who have contributed to the society in their own unique way.The first felicity was Miss. Swati Kerkar a well known social activist in Goa. She has done a remarkable work in regards to woman empowerment and social welfare and actively participated in regional plan and made awareness in villages of Goa , she has protested in issues like Rape molestation cases in school and other public places against the Government. Her speech brought light on a very important issue with regards to  the importance of awareness of legal rights of women in today's world. Other felicity for the day was Mrs Farida Shaikh who has done a commendable work for the betterment of Muslim community  by helping them during the times of demise of their family members to  complete the Islamic Rituals in regards to the the deceased member. her selfless contribution to the society was honoured by the organisation. A special session of self defence was conducted by Miss Neha Shaikh who holds a black belt in "Shotokan" Karate, basic self defence techniques were shown to the ladies present for the function and importance of the same was explained to them by her. 

A brief conclusion of the Programme and the organisation was given by Mrs. Rehana Mulla, she highlighted the status of women in Islam.  The compering for the programme was done by Miss Shariya Mulla. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs Sanjeeda Rehmaan. The programme was a great success with an overwhelming participation of the audience.The strength of audience was 200 approximately  . The efforts of the organisations were appreciated by the audience.