NWF calls for greater attention on the problems of children

Fri, 2016-11-18 22:47 -- webadmin

New Delhi: On November 19, the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse, National Women’s Front has decided to conduct programs to promote awareness with regard to the problems that children face, under the slogan “Guard our Children, save our nation”.

Citing various study reports, the statement released by NWF stressed the need of greater attention to the problems of children in our country. Despite the existence, various laws that forbid child labor and protect the rights of children, children are not considered as individuals with their right by vast majority of people. They are forced to work for their survival, denied of education and other fundamental rights, and are subjected to physical sexual and metal abuses. A study conducted by the ministry of women and children development (MWCD) found that 69% of children have been physically abused. India has second highest number of child labors and highest number of child brides in the world.

Women’s Front will bring attention of the public and families to the grave issues of children through various programs. Nation wide Poster campaigns and notice distribution will be conducted.