NWF organizes Conference publicity program in New Delhi

Thu, 2014-11-06 19:52 -- webadmin

New Delhi Nov 6: Since ancient times we have seen women facing numerous issues in our country. The central and state governments have failed miserably to uplift women in India. The condition of women in India has only worsen over years. As a sincere effort to highlight these issues to a national scene National Women’s Front is organizing a National Conference “Awakening” in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu on 16th November 2014. The first publicity programme of this conference in the state was today held at Ghalib Academy, New Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion Prof. Farida,Jamia Millia Islamia said that women being 48 percent of the Indian population till lack behind in all fields. Mrs. Zainab Mujahida, Member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board stated that since last few years the country has seen a drastic rise in rapes cases. There has also been a increase in rapes of women belonging to minority community and dalits but this never makes into the headlines. Renu Nayak from Purgami Mahila Sanghathan said that women are not safe within their house and also outside. Women very often face domestic violence due to issues like dowry. Addressing the programme Mrs Devika Mittal of Mission Bhartiyam raised the issue of healthcare for kids and women in India.

The inaugural speech was delivered by NWF Delhi vice president Wafiya Meraj presented the aims and objective of NWF and how the members of NWF are striving to create awareness among women and encouraging them to step forward for the cause of empowerment. The program was concluded by the speech of NWF Delhi President Arshiya Sarfaraz. She urged women of various organizations to join hands with NWF and put efforts to form women platforms which can sincerely strive for women issue. She also presented the objective of the “Awakening Conference” and invited them to be part of this historic conference.