Parenting Training conducted in coimbatore

Wed, 2014-05-07 22:38 -- webadmin

Coimbatore: The NWF Tamil Nadu state committee along with Access Guidance Center conducted a one day workshop on parenting. This training was conducted for parents to teach them child psychology and provide them with inputs that helps in child development.

NWF routinely conducts such training as part of activities under its counselling department. It is seen the people belong to backward communities who lack general education usually miss such programmes as they don't have exposure to such groups. NWF believes in bringing such training to common people so that they can benefit from it. The counselling wing of NWF has been very successful in conducting such workshop since last 2 years.

The workshop in Coimbatore was coordinated by Kadir Ali from Access Guidance. NWF trained counselors also took few sessions during the programme. Around 70 women attend the programme.