Women's Day

Since independence we have seen many issues and problems surrounding the Indian woman. Unfortunately most of these issues are still existent in our country and in some cases have even become severe.

In India women constitute nearly half the population which is indeed a very huge number. Being the world’s biggest democracy there was high expectation on India to provide equality to women.

This expectation was often visible in many promises and policies of many governments but sadly it was never translated into actions.

Even today when we talk about women in India we have to talk about women related issues as if these issues are integral to the identity of Indian woman. The International Women's Day is a yearly programme conducted by NWF. Every year we take key issues related to Indian women and organize massive campaigns to create awareness regarding the issues.


International Women's Day 2014: "Women Representation: The Power to Empower"

Representation is a prominent feature of democracy. The definition of democracy itself is equal representation of all the section of the society. Democracy cannot be complete if a large section of the society is deprived from the right of equal representation.

Unfortunately in India we consider only electoral politics as democracy and boast ourselves as a complete democracy. The representation aspect of democracy is never discussed nor promoted.

For the past 6 decades we have seen that few elite sections of the country have enjoyed the fruits of development and power. Democracy was very well used and even defined in a way beneficial to these elite sections.

In India women constitute almost 50% of India’s population but when we see the statistics of women representation in various fields a shocking picture comes before our sight.

NWF organize a massive campaign on the theme  "Women Representation: The Power to Empower" to create awareness regarding this issue and build women across various sections of the society to come forward and demands equal justice.


International Women's Day 2013: "Secure Women, Secure Nation" 

Security for women has always been a great challenge for all the societies around the world. In India more recently we see the issue of women security to be the most discussed issue. Many incidents of atrocities against women which used to go unheard are not appearing before the country.

National Women’s Front strongly believes that protection cannot be done from outside but security is an internal phenomenon. Only the total empowerment of women can create an atmosphere of security in the country.

NWF conducted a nationwide campaign “Secure Women, Secure Nation” on 8th March- the International Women’s Day – to demand justice for the victims of all the atrocities and also make the country aware of its responsibility to deal this issue.