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2016-10-28 19:22

Calicut: In a statement released by the National Women’s Front said that the kind of arbitrary and unilateral divorce that is seen today among some sections of Muslims does not have any basis in the Quran or other Islamic scriptures, and that if there is anything that violates human rights in the Muslim Personal Law, it is the duty of the Muslim community to correct it. However, it is strange that

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2016-08-13 11:56

India celebrates its 70th Independence day as it attained Independence from the British rule on August 15,1947 the struggle for Independence was a long and arduous battle during which only two weapons were used truth and non-violence but what we see in today's scenario people are way away from these two words the very meaning of the word Independence seems to have lost nowdays,we see a lot of hatred, unjust behaviour,a lot of violence,intolerence,etc prevailing in our country which seems to be impossible to tolerate.India ,our country is free from British rule but some of us are misusing it's Independence in all the possible ways ,Now India is in the hands of powerful Indian citizens like us who wish to celebrate each day as being independent as it comes.

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2016-08-13 11:53

Manipur activist Irom Sharmila the "Iron Lady" of Manipur who has been an international icon for her crusade against the controversial Armed Forces (Special Power) Act AFSPA since 2000 has put an end to her fast now. But unfortunately she receives a negative response from the people of Manipur itself. It is shocking to see this response from the people who actually supported her strongly throughout this 16 year long struggle, though her decision of entering politics remains the same to repel the draconian law and her fight will still continue for the people. Hence National Women's Front appreciates the initiative taken by this icon Irom Sharmila to end her 16 long year fast which is the first longest hunger strike to enter politics through which we hope she brings about a positive difference to the people of Manipur.Hoping that people do as well accept her decision and support her in this cause like they always have been doing .

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2015-11-21 15:50

National Women's Front has decided to mark the World day for prevention of child abuse in their annual calendar. The theme of the day would be 'Make their future bright, shape their future right'. In the current situation, where abuses are prevailing to its maximum, raising our voices for the little ones is a must.
All around the world, and in India children face different sorts of abuses. Child abuse, which has many forms like physical, sexual, emotional, negligence, exploitation etc keeps haunting the victim throughout his life. Among the over 315,000 children served by Children's Advocacy Centers around India in 2014, 205,438 were reported sexual abuse and 60, 897 physical abuse. The 2013 national child abuse statistics showed an estimate of 79,000 children is victims of a child abuse and neglect. Children in the first year of their life had the highest rate of victimization of 23.1 per 1000 children in the national population of the same age.