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2015-10-09 15:32

New Delhi: National Women’s Front president Shahida Aslam in a statement issued today has hailed the decision of the writer and Nehru’s niece Nayantra Saghal to return her Sahaitya Academy Award as a protest against assault on freedom of expression and Indian diversity, as a bold move. Shahida said that Nayantara Sahgal represents the remaining brave voices among Indian women against fascism.
Constitutionally guaranteed rights have come under attack in our country like never before. People are being killed for freely expressing their views or consuming their likes. The sudden increase in the number of such attacks and government failure to prevent them has created a valid suspicion and insecurity in the minds of people. Either the government has failed in ensuring security to minorities and of those who are opposed to fascist ideology of Sangh Parivar, or it is completely unconcerned of the problems. This is why Nayantara Sahgal’s decision becomes highly relevant.

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2015-09-29 15:57

New Delhi: National Women's Front condemned the arrest of social activist Medha Patkar and some of her associates by Uttar Pradesh police. According to police Medha was arrested because she tried to enter a sensitive area without prior permission.

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2015-06-05 10:54

National Women's Front strongly condemns the banning of Ambedkar - Periyar Study Circle (APSC) by IIT-Madras. The ban, as directed by Ministry of Human Resource Department after receiving an anonymous complaint and without any further enquiry by IIT-M is authoritarian and totally unacceptable. It is absurd what happened in the institution where student circles are not allowed to express their views in a democratic country like India. Every citizen has the right to express their social, economic and political views.

National Women's Front strongly demands that the ban on APSC should be called off immediately and ensures that there is no similar activity of demolishing of rational thoughts and democratic values in future in any of the educational institutions in India.

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2015-06-05 10:45

National Women’s Front has urged the international community to put an end to the sufferings of the innocent Rohingyas in Myanmar. The plight of thousands of Rohingyas due to the planned and organized violence by the local groups has been continuing for a long time. The support rendered by the political and Buddhist leaders to these thugs are unimaginable. The situation of Rohingyas Muslim community is highly desperate and it is shocking to see that the neighbouring countries are also turning a deaf ear to their sufferings, noted Shahida Aslam, National President, NWF.
The teachings of Buddha, who endorsed non- violence has been put to shame by the activities of these Buddhists. The asylum seekers, especially the women and children are facing undue hardships. The international community and the Indian government should pressurize the Myanmar government to end the genocide and give equal citizenship rights for the Rohingyas.